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Our Earth deserves to be taken care of, without it, where would we live? Just like you would treat anyone or thing, you want to keep the planet happy and healthy, so it can grow, and last for a while. This is Planet Green Machine's first official blog post, so enjoy! The topic I've decided to cover today is this website and its mission. The foremost purpose of this site is to raise awareness so the environment can be better taken care of. The second point of our mission is to educate blog readers on the importance of changing the world around them for a better, greener future. Planet Green Machine contains an abundance of intriguing sections such as;

Home- Read our recent blog posts, as well as crowd favorites. Here you can read about our founder and our slogan.

The Tree of Thought- Stories, quotes, and tips about keeping the planet green.

Blog- Read ALL of our posts, because they will be compellingas well as inspiring.

Contact Us- Discuss our blog topics, or any suggestions that can help us in improving our website. We will try our best to get back to you!

And finally, spread the news! In order to leave a legacy, we need you, our wonderful readers, to spread the word. Follow our page on Instagram, @planetgreenmachine, and share our blog link with your friends, cousins, neighbors, siblings, teachers, anyone! Have a terrific day, and be the green machine your planet needs!

Stay green!-


Victoria Den Bleyker :)

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