• Victoria Den Bleyker

UpCycling..... Can Also Help the Environment

I know that some of my readers have a "passion for fashion" and I thought to myself, how can I spin fashion into my goal, talking about environmental awareness? Well, here's the answer: UpCycling. It's an old craze, born a-new. UpCycling is just taking different items to create a stylish masterpiece! Bringing old fabrics back to life is not only good for the environment, but it does wonders for your budget too! I know what you're thinking, ew, *flips hair* I don't want to look *gasp* trashy! Worry not, your fashion will remain haute. By using little pieces, perhaps your sister's old scarf, and adding it to your favorite dress, which is a bit stretched out, and using the scarf as a belt! Ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom, the metaphorical belt company that mows down trees to get a special fiber starts running out of business when their best costumers see that UpCycled scarf-belts are "all the rage." I know, it seems like a long shot, but the world really needs some positive trends. In a world of the "selfie" and "hashtag," a movement needs to be started, with much more positive results. So UpCycle your life in many ways, big and small.

You can also UpCycle items, like making a garden pot out of a soup-can and painting it. Stringing bolts and gears to make a necklace, there are multiple ways to UpCycle. Trend away my fellow Earthlings!

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