• Victoria Den Bleyker

The Sustainable Collegiate-Part I of Sustainability Series

Meet @thesustainablecollegiate

This is the smiling (watermelon?) face behind an Instagram account that not only promotes environmental sustainability, but shows ways to actively participate in the movement toward a cleaner, greener Earth.

She has taken many steps to reach people throughout her community, whether it be her family,

Friends, or fellow students at the college she attends.

And these efforts definitely affect people around her, as the college has also taken measures to promote sustainability.

That, my friends, is a ripple effect. By taking a little time in your every day routine to be a bit more energy efficient, ecofriendly, and mindful of the environment around you, it's possible to make a world of difference. Follow @thesustainablecollegiate on Instagram, as well as @happyplanethappygirl and @thegreenminimalist for more updates on how to "live more ethically and environmentally friendly" #ZeroWasteinCollege



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