• Victoria Den Bleyker

Be Wristsponsible!

Wristsponsible is an amazing organization that provides clean water, jobs, and empowerment to communities in need. Over 900 million people do not have access to clean drinking water. The organization employs local artisans and reinvests the profits to fund clean water projects. Wristsponsible impacts the lives of people around the world, including locations such as the Navajo Nation and Tanzania.

(Photo of Kevin Sofen, the founder of Wristsponsible)

A few partners of Wristsponsible include; H2Open Doors, Water is Life, and Freedom in Creation. The bands that Wristsponsible sells are beautifully made, easily adjusted, and very vibrant.

Wristsponsible is the soul behind the quest for sustainable water projects. The impact of the donations and bands is undeniably powerful and moving, clean water should be accessible to everyone, and Wristsponsible is on a mission to bring clean water solutions to communities all around the world. Be #Wristsponsible!

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