• Victoria Den Bleyker

Simple Skincare- Choose Kindness!

We all want skin that glows, and Simple Skincare makes that possible! I received a bunch of lovely ecofriendly and hydrating products from Simple and Influenster, and I had the best time trying them out. Here are my thoughts :)

My face felt very refreshed after using this adorable mini micellar water. I would prefer a slightly more thorough cleansing water, but I liked the texture and feel of the product!

Absolutely love how soft & gentle these wipes are! After a busy day of stress, sweat, and excess makeup, these wipes are amazing at clearing away anything. Refreshing, and eco friendly, I couldn’t ask for more.💚

The soft and gentle nourishing nature of this moisturizing facial wash is the best! It really adds a beautiful glow to my complexion after going through my skincare routine.

Loving this gentle & #ecofriendly 🌱moisturizer pouch from @simpleskinus! It’s perfect for taking care of my skin on the go and fits perfectly in my bag😊✨.

Thanks for reading! Check back soon for more reviews :)

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